Frequently Asked Questions

Where is your school located? Can I come visit?

New Harmony does not yet have its short-term or long-term facility secured. We are actively working to secure a plan for our immediate needs and for the future. And absolutely you can visit, once we've secured a spot. New Harmony will abide by an open door policy. We want to seamlessly interface with community, families, parents, siblings, and educators.

Would my child be a good fit at New Harmony?

Because our school design seeks to put students as drivers of passion and interest based learning, we expect our students to be seekers of education methods that extend beyond a traditional classroom setting. We seek to enroll students who enjoy hands-on learning, who want to solve issues that plague Southern Louisiana, and who have a love for the culture and ecology that comprises our region.

How can students enroll at New Harmony?

NHH is a Type 2 open-enrollment charter school, meaning enrollment is open to any student who is a Louisiana resident. For any students, regardless of parish, New Harmony High is available through the OneApp on EnrollNOLA. Round 1 opened November 1.

Will transportation to and from school be provided?

Our goal is to provide accessible and safe transportation for ALL students; however the detailed logistics for transportation will be posted on our website once they are finalized. Know that individual meetings will be had with all families regarding transportation.

How will New Harmony prepare students to meet their goals for college?

All students will be prepared for graduation through their individual learning plan created with their advisor, family, and mentor, which may include Advanced Placement (AP) courses, dual-enrollment courses, Jump Start/CTE coursework. All students will participate in college testing such as the SAT or ACT. All students will have access to internships. We are excited to partner with colleges across the region who offer courses fit for our students.

How will New Harmony prepare students to meet their career goals?

Our Community Coordinator will help students identify and secure informational interviews, shadow days, and internships. This real work will prepare students for their post-secondary world. Our college and career counselors will assist with transition services from secondary education to postsecondary plans, whether college or career.

How will New Harmony address social, emotional, and physical wellness for students?

We operate from a whole-child perspective so we will hire staff who will address the needs of the whole child. We will actively seek emotional, mental, academic and social health for all. We will practice restorative justice and be a safe zone for students and families. Additionally we will keep a low student:teacher ratio of 15:1. We are working on providing a nurse and/or physician services for students.

How will New Harmony address students with special needs or circumstances? (Special Education, English as Second Language, gifted/talented students, NOCCA attendees)

We believe that all students are able to find success whether or not they’ve previously had or currently experience academic issues. All students will operate from individual learning plans that take into consideration their strengths and weakness across a spectrum of skills, including Common Core State Standards. Students with IEPs will receive all services they deserve by law, and beyond.

Regarding NOCCA: We are pleased to be a partner school with New Orleans Center for Creative Arts (NOCCA). New Harmony will work to provide educational experiences beyond our facilities, in partnership with other organizations, specifically when students wish to enroll in courses at partner schools or colleges. This will be integrated into the student’s individual learning plan.  

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