Board of Directors


David Abdullah

Field of Work: Attorney

I am passionate about New Harmony because I am passionate about education in general. Having several educators in my immediate and extended family, the importance of a good education was instilled in me at a young age. I was taught that a proper education is the foundation for both personal and community growth. That said, it is clear to me that one education model does not fit all. To think otherwise is to ignore our individuality. I am passionate about New Harmony because it will provide an alternative platform that will allow students to learn while engaging in an area that truly interests them. Put plainly, if a child is interested in the subject matter, the learning takes care of itself.

Steve Cochran.jpg

Steve Cochran

Field work: Coastal Protection and Restoration – for people, and for nature.

I am passionate about New Harmony because I think New Harmony High goes to the heart of what we need – creative, energetic, passionate and educated kids on their way to becoming adults, focused on every aspect of our biggest problem here. With that as a base, how can we not succeed. 


Hassan Hassan

Field of Work: Director of Investments at 4.0 Schools


Bob Keogh.jpg

Robert Keogh

Field of Work: Finance Director with 4th Sector Solutions, a back-office consulting company partnering with charter schools and non-profits throughout the country.

I am passionate about New Harmony because it will provide an incredibly unique high school experience to Louisiana students who are passionate about the environmental impacts to our state's beloved coastline.

Alex Kolker.png

Alex Kolker

Field of work: Coastal geologist. I study the landscapes that exist across coastal Louisiana, how they change, and how people can impact these coastal environments in ways that can contribute to coastal restoration.

I am passionate about New Harmony because it offers a great opportunity for students to learn about our coastal landscapes and the many beautiful, fascinating and wonderful environments that exist throughout our state.


Ransom, Kelly.png

Kelly Ransom

Field of work: Attorney with the law firm of Kelly Hart & Pitre in New Orleans, Louisiana. My practice is focused on environmental and oil and gas litigation.

I am passionate about New Harmony High because I believe that education and community involvement are crucial to addressing the coastal erosion and the associated coastal restoration and preservation issues threatening the communities of South Louisiana.

Bob Thomas RAT and Agalychnis callidryas Cockscomb Belize 5-10 1.JPG

Bob Thomas

Field of work: Tropical biologist who specializes in neotropical herpetology. My educational passions focus on improvement in the communication of science, specifically regarding environmental, cultural, and economic aspects of coastal protection. 

I am passionate about New Harmony due to its focus on giving lifestyle and educationally integrated context to the importance of coastal sustainability.

Monique Verdin.JPG

Monique Verdin

Field of work: Storytelling. Over the years, I have used the arts to expose the intersectional environmental, social and economic conditions, present at the base of the Mississippi River Delta, ranging from documentary filmmaking to culturally site-specific installations and theatrical performances.   

I'm passionate about New Harmony because citizens, especially our youth, need to understand the dynamics of how our beautiful delta works and whats broken; as well as, skill sets, knowledge and inspiration to envision sustainable restoration and preservation for future generations.


TraciAmanda Washington

Field of Work: Education Program Manager