"We Water People"

Here is a beautiful 7 minute listen from Peter O'Doud on WBUR's Here & Now, A Refrain As Louisiana's Coast Washes Away: We're 'Water People. We Can't Leave', plus a short article, and some incredible images from Virginia Hanusik (who I follow like a hound on Instagram @ginnyhanusik for her eye on Louisiana).

There is something that's so haunting about the parts of Louisiana we may to lose without action-- the accent, the rhythm of speech, the way of life, the rich history, the things we can't see now that the long time residents have been observing their entire lives. I find it mesmerizing, could soak in it all day.

 Photo borrowed from Ginny Hanusik's Instagram  @ginnyhanusik

Photo borrowed from Ginny Hanusik's Instagram @ginnyhanusik